Multi-objective optimization of multipass turning processes


In this paper, a methodology is proposed for the multi-objective optimization of a multipass turning process. A real-parameter genetic algorithm (RGA) is used for minimizing the production time, which provides a nearly optimum solution. This solution is taken as the initial guess for a sequential quadratic programming (SQP) code, which further improves the solution. Thereafter, the Pareto-optimal solutions are generated without using the cost data. For any Pareto-optimal solution, the cost of production can be calculated at a higher level for known cost data. An objective method based on the linear programming model is proposed for choosing the best among the Pareto-optimal solutions. The entire methodology is demonstrated with the help of an example. The optimization is carried out with equal depths of cut for roughing passes. A simple numerical method has been suggested for estimating the expected improvement in the optimum solution if an unequal depth of cut strategy would have been employed.