Convergence Acceleration Operator for Multiobjective Optimization


A convergence acceleration operator (CAO) is described which enhances the search capability and the speed of convergence of the host multiobjective optimization algorithm. The operator acts directly in the objective space to suggest improvements to solutions obtained by a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA). The suggested improved objective vectors are then mapped into the decision variable space and tested. This method improves upon prior work in a number of important respects, such as mapping technique and solution improvement. Further, the paper discusses implications for many-objective problems and studies the impact of the use of the CAO as the number of objectives increases. The CAO is incorporated with two leading MOEAs, the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm and the strength Pareto evolutionary algorithm and tested. Results show that the hybridized algorithms consistently improve the speed of convergence of the original algorithm while maintaining the desired distribution of solutions. It is shown that the operator is a transferable component that can be hybridized with any MOEA.