COSMO: A Correlation Sensitive Mutation Operator for Multi-Objective Optimization


This contribution is the first to discover exploitable structural features within circuit optimization problems, (COP) and discuss how it is indicative of la general structure and possibly a 'measure of hardness' in real-world multi-objective optimization problems. We then present. a methodology to exploit, this structure in a. multi-objective evolutionary algorithm by designing a novel Correlation Sensitive Mutation Operator, COSMO. COSMO is, at the least, universally applicable in the domain of circuits and we discuss how it, call be easily extended to other domains. We discuss the rationale behind COSMO and interpret it in context of dimensional locality. We compare COSMO's performance with the traditional operators used for multi-objective optimization. For two instances of circuits. we show that COSMO gives significantly faster and better optimization than conventional operators. The paper also takes the first, steps in thinking and interpreting how operators for MO-EAs should be designed.