Multiobjective optimal fuzzy logic control system for response control of wind-excited tall buildings


Performance of the structure includes both the safety as well as comfort, level for the user. The safety of the structure e mainly depends on the displacement response, while the comfort level of occupants depends on the acceleration response. In this paper, an approach for multiobjective optimal design of a fuzzy logic controller(FLC)-driven active tuned mass damper (ATMD) has been proposed. The evaluation criteria for both the acceleration and displacement responses have been used as the two objective functions for this multiobjective optimization problem. As a multiobjective optimization approach provides a set of Pareto-optimal solutions, the user is allowed to select an appropriate design for the specific performance requirement. The. effectiveness and performance of the proposed FLC-driven ATMD has been investigated for the third-generation benchmark problem for the response control of wind-excited tall buildings. A multiobjective optimization version of the genetic algorithm has been used for obtaining. the FLC and ATMD design parameters, as this approach is more effective in,handling a discontinuous and nonconvex domain. Performance of the proposed control system has been found to-be better than the sample controller given in the benchmark problem. The-proposed controller is less sensitive than the sample controller for the variation in the stiffness of the structure.