Optimal Controller Design for Single-Phase PFC Rectifiers Using SPEA Multi-Objective Optimization


In this paper a new method for the design of a simple PI controller is presented and it has been applied in the control of a Boost based PFC rectifier. The Strength Pareto evolutionary algorithm, which is based on the Pareto Optimality concept, used in Game theory literature is implemented as a multi-objective optimization approach to gain a good transient response and a high quality input current. In the proposed method, the input current harmonics and the dynamic response have been assumed as objective functions, while the PI controller's gains of the PFC rectifier (Kpi, Tpi) are design variables. The proposed algorithm generates a set of optimal gains called a Pareto Set corresponding to a Pareto Front, which is a set of optimal results for the objective functions. All of the Pareto Front points are optimum, but according to the design priority objective function, each one can be selected. Simulation and experimental results are presented to prove the superiority of the proposed design methodology over other methods.