Optimum Design of Integer and Fractional-Order PID Controllers for Boost Converter Using SPEA Look-up Tables


This paper presents a method of designing optimal integer- and fractional-order proportional integral-derivative (FOPID) controllers for a boost converter to gain a set of favorable characteristics at various operating points. A Pareto-based multi-objective optimization approach called strength Pareto evolutionary algorithm (SPEA) is used to obtain fast and low overshoot start-up and dynamic responses and switching stability. The optimization approach generates a set of optimal gains called Pareto set, which corresponds to a Pareto front. The Pareto front is a set of optimal results for objective functions. These results provide designers with a trade-off look-up table, in which they can easily choose any of the optimal gains based on design requirements. The SPEA also overcomes the difficulties of tuning the FOPID controller, which is an extension to the classic integer-order HD controllers and potentially promises better results. The proposed optimized FOPID controller provides an excellent start-up response and the desired dynamic response. This paper presents a detailed comparison of the optimum integer- and the fractional-order PID controllers. Extensive simulation and experimental results prove the superiority of the proposed design methodology to achieve a wide set of desired technical goals.