A Multi-criteria Cross-docking Scheduling with Just-in-time Approach


This paper addresses a scheduling problem of inbound and outbound trailers in a cross-docking system according to just-in-time approach. In the cross-docking system, commodities are unloaded from inbound trailers, sorted and categorized based on their specifications and loaded onto outbound trailers for delivery to demand points in a distribution network. One of the most fundamental issues in such systems is to establish coordination between the performance of inbound and outbound trailers in that they can be scheduled, and the product items can be assigned to trailers effectively. As we observe the JIT concept, the punctuality and exactness of product deliveries are vital for the system's performance. To satisfy this target, this paper considers a multi-criteria scheduling in which primary objective is to minimize earliness and tardiness simultaneously via a unified objective function. Three meta-heuristics are applied for this matter, and their solutions' quality and the acquired elapsed time are compared with each other in each case.