Interactive Evolutionary Multiobjective Search and Optimization of Set-Based Concepts


This paper deals with interactive concept-based multiobjective problems (IC-MOPs) and their solution by an evolutionary computation approach. The presented methodology is motivated by the need to support engineers during the conceptual design stage. IC-MOPs are based on a nontraditional concept-based approach to search and optimization. It involves conceptual solutions, which are represented by sets of particular solutions, with each concept having a one-to-many relation with the objective space. Such a set-based concept representation is most suitable for human-computer interaction. Here, a fundamental type of IC-MOPs, namely, the Pareto-directed one, is formally defined, and its solution is presented. Next, a new interactive concept-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithm is introduced, and measures to assess its resulting fronts are devised. Finally, the proposed approach and the suggested search algorithm are studied using both academic test functions and an engineering problem.