Multi-Objective Differential Evolution (MODE) for Optimization of Supply Chain Planning and Management


Many problems in the engineering domain involve more than one objective to be optimized simultaneously. The optimal solution to a multi-objective function results in a set of equally good solutions (Pareto optimal set), rather than a unique solution. Several entities are present in a typical supply chain problem. Each of these entities has its individual objectives. When all the objectives of supply chain are combined they work towards a common goal of increasing the profitability of an organization. The supply chain model is thus multi-objective in nature which involves several conflicting objectives. A three-stage supply chain problem (involving a network of supplier, plant and customer zones) is solved using Multi-Objective Differential Evolution (MODE) algorithm in this work. Three cases of objective functions are considered in this study. Pareto optimal solutions are obtained for each case. The results are compared with those reported using NSGA-II in the literature.