Design for Six Sigma through collaborative multiobjective optimization


This paper presents a global methodology for designing product for Six Sigma. First, we combine a feasibility-modeling technique with an interactive multiobjective algorithm taking into account the decision maker's preferences (IMOP) to generate several Pareto-optimal solutions that maintain a probability of constraint satisfaction. These solutions are called reliable Pareto-optimal solutions. The solutions found by the algorithm fulfill as much as possible the decision makers' requirements. Second, we develop a procedure for choosing a solution for implementation from among the reliable Pareto-optimal solutions generated by the algorithm. This procedure is based on the robust design and philosophy of Six Sigma. Finally, the critical characteristics are identified to help the managers develop the manufacturing system and its related control plans in order to achieve quality products. The proposed methodology is applied to vehicle crash-worthiness design optimization for side impact with structural weight and front door velocity under side impact as objectives.