Memetic Algorithm with Preferential Local Search Using Adaptive Weights for Multi-Objective Optimization Problems


Evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithms are generally employed to generate Pareto optimal solutions by exploring the search space. To enhance the performance, exploration by global search can be complemented with exploitation by combining it with local search. In this paper, we address the issues in integrating local search with global search such as: how to select individuals for local search; how deep the local search is performed; how to combine multiple objectives into single objective for local search. We introduce a Preferential Local Search mechanism to fine tune the global optimal solutions further and an adaptive weight mechanism for combining multi-objectives together. These ideas have been integrated into NSGA-II to arrive at a new memetic algorithm for solving multi-objective optimization problems. The proposed algorithm has been applied on a set of constrained and unconstrained multi-objective benchmark test suite. The performance was analyzed by computing different metrics such as Generational distance, Spread, Max spread, and HyperVolume Ratio for the test suite functions. Statistical test applied on the results obtained suggests that the proposed algorithm outperforms the state-of-art multi-objective algorithms like NSGA-II and SPEA2. To study the performance of our algorithm on a real-world application, Economic Emission Load Dispatch was also taken up for validation. The performance was studied with the help of measures such as Hypervolume and Set Coverage Metrics. Experimental results substantiate that our algorithm has the capability to solve real-world problems like Economic Emission Load Dispatch and is able to produce better solutions, when compared with NSGA-II, SPEA2, and traditional memetic algorithms with fixed local search steps.