Decision Making Graphical Tool for Multiobjective Optimization Problems


Multiobjective optimization problems have become an important issue at many engineering problems. A tradeoff between several design criteria is required and important efforts are made for the development of Multiobjective Optimization Techniques and, in particular, Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization. Usually these algorithms produce a set of optimum solutions in Pareto sense, there is not a unique solution. The designer (Decision Maker) has to finally select one solution for each particular problem, then he has to select from a set of Pareto solutions, the most adequate solution according to his preferences. It is widely accepted that visualization tools are valuable tools to provide the Decision Maker (DM) with a meaningful way to analyze Pareto set and then to help to select an adequate solution. This work describes a new graphical way to represent high dimensional and large sets of Pareto solutions, allowing an easier analysis, and helping the DM to select an adequate solution.