Multi-Objective Diagrid Façade Optimization Using Differential Evolution


Façades constitute one of the fundamental systems of contemporary buildings. They serve multiple purposes, such as to ensure proper indoor climate, to provide sufficient daylight, but also to create a desirable architectural image. Integration of these aspects makes façade design a complex task that requires significant effort in order to achieve well-performing results. It is thus desirable that systematic approaches to façade design are developed. In this study, we consider façade design as a multiobjective optimization problem, integrating diverse design criteria, namely indoor daylight distribution, structural performance and cost. We evaluate design performance by making use of simulation. Consequently, we use Differential Evolution (DE) to search for best-tradeoff solutions. We compare the performance of two DE variants, using the Hypervolume metric, and also through qualitative inspection. We report façade designs that demonstrate interesting and often unexpected features, concluding that the proposed approach may lead to a novel, more integrated design process.