IPGA Based Multi-Objective Compatible Control Algorithm and its Application in Oversaturated Adjacent Intersection Control


This paper propose an IPGA based multi-objective compatible control algorithm to control oversaturated adjacent intersections. The concept of feeding delay and non-feeding delay is introduced; A BPNN method is used to set up a MIMO delay model based on the simulated data got from cell transmission model. Then, the control problem is formulated as an conflicted multi-objective control problem, and the IPGA based multi-objective compatible control algorithm is proposed to solve the control problem. Results show that the proposed algorithm is robust and capable of deal with real-time oversaturated adjacent intersections control problem. The algorithm is tested in a network consisting of a core area of I I oversaturated intersections. It can be concluded that the proposed method is much more effective in relieving oversaturation in a network than the isolated intersection control strategy.