Application of Novel Clonal Algorithm in Multiobjective Optimization


In this paper, a novel clonal algorithm applied in multiobjecitve optimization (NCMO) is presented, which is designed from the improvement of search operators, i.e. dynamic mutation probability, dynamic simulated binary crossover (D-SBX) operator and hybrid mutation operator combining with Gaussian and polynomial mutations (GP-HM) operator. The main notion of these approaches is to perform more coarse-grained search at initial stage in order to speed up the convergence toward the Pareto-optimal front. Once the solutions are getting close to the Pareto-optimal front, more fine-grained search is performed in order to reduce the gaps between the solutions and the Pareto-optimal front. Based on this purpose, a cooling schedule is adopted in these approaches, reducing the parameters gradually to a minimal threshold, the aim of which is to keep a desirable balance between fine-grained search and coarse-grained search. By this means, the exploratory capabilities of NCMO are enhanced. When compared with various state-of-the-art multiobjective optimization algorithms developed recently, simulation results show that NCMO has remarkable performance.