Time-cost Trade-off Analysis of Project Networks in Fuzzy Environments


This paper proposes a novel approach for time-cost trade-off analysis of a project network in fuzzy environments. Different from the results of previous studies, in this paper the membership function of the fuzzy minimum total crash cost is constructed based on Zadeh's extension principle and fuzzy solutions are provided. A pair of two-level mathematical programs parameterized by possibility level alpha is formulated to calculate the lower and upper bounds of the fuzzy minimum total crash cost at alpha. By enumerating different values of alpha, the membership function of the fuzzy minimum total crash cost is constructed, and the corresponding optimal activity time for each activity is also obtained at the same time. An example of time-cost trade-off problem with several fuzzy parameters is solved successfully to demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach. Since the minimum total crash cost is expressed by a membership function rather than by a crisp value, the fuzziness of parameters is conserved completely, and more information is provided for time-cost trade-off analysis in project management. The proposed approach also can be applied to time-cost trade-off problems with other characteristics.