Architectural Design by Cognitive Computing


Cognition is one of the important and ubiquitous manifestations of human mind. Cognition is a subject of cognitive science which spans cognitive psychology, neurobiology and computational intelligence of engineering sciences. In this work the computational cognition is the subject-matter for investigation and architectural design is the particular application goal in mind. It is the essential mechanism in design involving novelty, creativity and elegance. Due to the complexity of the cognition phenomenon, its characteristic properties have not been fully understood and therefore reproduced computationally up till now. This research aims to establish a novel computational model for cognition and also comprehension which is a deeper but more essential concept relevant to human mind activity. It simulates the cognitive activity based on the mind activity of human so far assumed to be known to us. The outcome of this computational brain research is exemplified by an architectural design task demonstrating its effectiveness in actual use in real-life executions.