Improving a Multi-Objective Multipopulation Artificial Immune Network for Biclustering


The biclustering technique was developed to avoid some of the drawbacks presented by standard clustering techniques. Given that biclustering requires the optimization of at least two conflicting objectives and that multiple independent solutions are desirable as the outcome, a few multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for biclustering were proposed in the literature. However, apart from the individual characteristics of the biclusters that should be optimized during their construction, several other global aspects should also be considered, such as the coverage of the dataset and the overlap among biclusters. These requirements will be addressed in this work with the MOM-aiNet+ algorithm, which is an improvement of the original multi-objective multipopulation artificial immune network denoted MOM-aiNet. Here, the MOM-aiNet+ algorithm will be described in detail, its main differences from the original MOM-aiNet will be highlighted, and both algorithms will be compared, together with three other proposals from the literature.