Swarm Intelligence for Multi-objective Problems in Data Mining


The purpose of this book is to collect contributions that are at the intersection of multi-objective optimization, swarm intelligence (specifically, particle swarm optimization and ant colony optimization) and data mining. Such a collection intends to illustrate the potential of multi-objective swarm intelligence techniques in data mining, with the aim of motivating more researchers in evolutionary computation and machine learning to do research in this field.

This volume consists of eleven chapters, including an introduction that provides the basic concepts of swarm intelligence techniques and a discussion of their use in data mining. Some of the research challenges that must be faced when using swarm intelligence techniques in data mining are also addressed. The rest of the chapters were contributed by leading researchers, and were organized according to the steps normally followed in Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) (i.e., data preprocessing, data mining, and post processing).

We hope that this book becomes a valuable reference for those wishing to do research on the use of multi-objective swarm intelligence techniques in data mining and knowledge discovery in databases.