Multiobjective Shape Optimization on Parallel Architectures with Metamodels and Couplers. Application to Aeronautical Combustion Chambers


Drastic norms on pollutant emissions and the need to reduce times to market encourage aeronautical engine manufacturers to reconsider the concepts of the next generation of combustion chamber as well as their design methodologies. Reactive and turbulent simulation codes based on the RANS approach have been used for a few years by engineers in the design cycle of aeronautical combustion chambers. Their use has allowed to reduce development times and costs mostly by decreasing the number of experimental tests. The way to integrate these tools is still a challenging point when the development of an efficient design framework is considered. The aim of this work is to provide a multiobjective optimization based methodology to develop a fully automated tool that evaluates design with simulation codes. First, the studies presented in this report deal with the automation of the simulation processes while insisting on the automatic mesh generation aspects. Then, to reduce the overall response time caused by the use of optimization technics with expensive simulation codes, a strategy based on metamodeling is proposed. The resulting tool is developed with a parallel code coupler offering performance and flexibility to the application. Finally, after some validations and evaluations on test cases, an application on an industrial combustor underlines the capacities of the mehod to identify promising designs.