A new multi-objective particle swarm optimizer using empirical movement and diversified search strategies


Most real-world optimization problems involve the optimization task of more than a single objective function and, therefore, require a great amount of computational effort as the solution procedure is designed to anchor multiple compromised optimal solutions. Abundant multi-objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) for multi-objective optimization have appeared in the literature over the past two decades. In this article, a new proposal by means of particle swarm optimization is addressed for solving multi-objective optimization problems. The proposed algorithm is constructed based on the concept of Pareto dominance, taking both the diversified search and empirical movement strategies into account. The proposed particle swarm MOEA with these two strategies is thus dubbed the empirical-movement diversified-search multi-objective particle swarm optimizer (EMDS-MOPSO). Its performance is assessed in terms of a suite of standard benchmark functions taken from the literature and compared to other four state-of-the-art MOEAs. The computational results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm shows great promise in solving multi-objective optimization problems.