Hierarchical design for distributed MOPSO using sub-swarms based on a population Pareto fronts analysis for the grasp planning problem


This paper discusses the use of intelligent technology to solve the problem of grasp planning known as a difficult problem. The scope aims to find points of contact between a five-fingered hand and an object. In this paper, we applied a new hierarchical approach for distributed Multi-Objective Particles Swarms Optimization, based on dynamic subdivision of the population using Pareto fronts (pbMOPSO) for the optimization of the grasp planning problem. The problem is based on simultaneous optimization of two objectives functions. The first objective is to explore the space of skillful manipulation of a robot hand with five fingers and find the best configuration of the fingers by minimizing the distance between the center of mass of the object and the center of the contact polyhedron. The second evaluation function is to maximize another quality measure that is related to the angles defining a configuration of the hand. An experimental study done with the HandGrasp simulator has shown a better performance of our algorithm to solve the grasp planning problem.