A hybrid fine-timed multi-objective memetic algorithm


In this paper, we propose a hybrid fine-tuned multiobjective memetic algorithm hybridizing different solution fitness evaluation methods for global exploitation and exploration. To search across all regions in objective space, the algorithm uses a widely diversified set of weights at each generation, and employs a simulated annealing to optimize each utility function. For broader exploration, a grid-based technique is adopted to discover the missing nondominated regions on existing tradeoff surface, and a Pareto-based local perturbation is performed to reproduce incrementing solutions trying to fill up the discontinuous areas. Additional advanced feature is that the procedure is made dynamic and adaptive to the online optimization conditions based on a function of improvement ratio to obtain better stability and convergence of the algorithm. Effectiveness of our approach is shown by applying it to multi-objective 0/1 knapsack problem (MOKP).