Global Mutual Information-Based Feature Selection Approach Using Single-Objective and Multi-Objective Optimization


Feature selection is an important preprocessing step in data mining. Mutual information-based feature selection is a kind of popular and effective approaches. In general, most existing mutual information-based techniques are greedy methods, which are proven to be efficient but suboptimal. In this paper, mutual information-based feature selection is transformed into a global optimization problem, which provides a new idea for solving feature selection problems. First, a single-objective feature selection algorithm combining relevance and redundancy is presented, which has well global searching ability and high computational efficiency. Furthermore, to improve the performance of feature selection, we propose a multi-objective feature selection algorithm. The method can meet different requirements and achieve a tradeoff among multiple conflicting objectives. On this basis, a hybrid feature selection framework is adopted for obtaining a final solution. We compare the performance of our algorithm with related methods on both synthetic and real datasets. Simulation results show the effectiveness and practicality of the proposed method.