A new evolutionary multi-objective algorithm for convex hull maximization


Many real-world problems often have several, usually conflicting objectives. Traditional multi-objective optimization problems (MOPs) usually search for the Pareto-optimal solutions for this predicament. A special class of MOPs, the convex hull maximization problems which prefer solutions on the convex hull, has posed a new challenge for existing approaches for solving traditional MOPs, as a solution on the Pareto front is not necessarily a good solution for convex hull maximization. In this work, the difference between traditional MOPs and the convex hull maximization problems is discussed and a new Evolutionary Convex Hull Maximization Algorithm (ECHMA) is proposed to solve the convex hull maximization problems. Specifically, a Convex Hull-based sorting with Convex Hull of Individual Minima (CH-CHIM-sorting) is introduced, as well as a novel selection scheme, Extreme Area Extract-based selection (EAE-selection). Experimental results show that ECHMA significantly outperforms the existing approaches for convex hull maximization and evolutionary multi-objective optimization approaches in achieving a better approximation to the convex hull more stably and with a more uniformly distributed set of solutions.