Optimal Solution for Channel Selection and Power Allocation for TVWS-Based Smart Metering System


Nowadays, the power allocation and channel selection schemes are developed for smart meter (SM) systems using a variety of approaches. In this paper, we suggest a specific scenario for an SM configuration in the television white space system and show how to solve the optimization problem for transmission between SMs and the data concentrator unit (DCU), which collects data from several SMs. With this proposed scheme, SMs can have a transmission schedule and a channel selection mechanism to achieve optimal efficiency when using spectrum resources to transmit data to the DCU. The optimization goals of this study are achieving the maximum capacity or maximum channel efficiency and determining the maximum allowable power of the SMs used to satisfy the quality of service requirements without adversely affecting other wireless systems. In addition, we propose an optimization process with an interference analysis scheme by using the SEAMCAT tool and genetic algorithm for obtaining the best configuration of the SM system, considering the interference limitation for each SM in a specific configuration.