Multi-Objective Load Distribution Optimization for Hot Strip Mills


Load distribution is a key technology in hot strip rolling process, which directly influences strip product quality. A multi-objective load distribution model, which takes into account the rolling force margin balance, roll wear ratio and strip shape control, is presented. To avoid the selection of weight coefficients encountered in single objective optimization, a multi-objective differential evolutionary algorithm, called MaximinDE, is proposed to solve this model. The experimental results based on practical production data indicate that MaximinDE can obtain a good pareto-optimal solution set, which consists of a series of alternative solutions to load distribution. Decision-makers can select a trade-off solution from the pareto-optimal solution set based on their experience or the importance of objectives. In comparison with the empirical load distribution solution, the trade-off solution can achieve a better performance, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the multi-objective load distribution optimization. Moreover, the conflicting relationship among different objectives can be also found, which is another advantage of multi-objective load distribution optimization.