Optimal Link Supportability of Multi-Carrier SATCOM Systems with Constrained Nondominated Neighbor Immune Algorithm


Millimeter wave communication system is widely used in SATCOM due to the characteristics of wide bandwidth and miniaturization application. Optimal link supportability of multi-carrier millimeter-wave SATCOM systems for improving the system capacity faces tradeoff issues among many performance metrics, such as reducing the uplink EIRP demand, improving the transponder power utility, and strengthening the robustness of the links. This paper introduced the concept of multi-objective optimization to the link supportability of millimeter-wave SATCOM modeling. A Constrained Nondominated Neighbor Immune Algorithm (C-NNIA) was presented. Results show that the Pareto-optimal solutions obtained with the algorithm are better than that derived with Direct Solution (DS) algorithm and single objective optimization based Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) algorithm. It has better constraint handling, convergence and diversity performance as well. Several design guidelines were obtained through the statistics and analysis on design variables and performance metrics within the Pareto-optimal solutions.