Medical Image Reconstruction Using a Multi-Objective Genetic Local Search Algorithm


Image reconstruction from projections is a key problem in medical image analysis. In this paper, we cast image reconstruction from projections as a multi-objective problem. It is essential to choose some proper objective functions of the problem. We choose the square error, smoothness of the reconstructed image, and the maximum entropy as our objective functions of the problem. Then we introduce a hybrid algorithm comprising of multi-objective genetic and local search algorithms to reconstruct the image. Our algorithm has remarkable global performance. Our experiments show that we can get different results when we give different weights to different objective functions. We can also control the noise by giving different weights on different objective function. At the same time, we can adjust the parameter to let it have good local performance. Though the computation demands of the hybrid algorithm tends to be larger because of the random search of the GA, it is really a common feature of the global optimization method. Our results show that the hybrid algorithm is a more effective than the conventional method. We think our method is very promising for the medical imaging held.