Optimal Multi-objective Linearized Impulsive Rendezvous Under Uncertainty


The multi-objective optimization of linearized impulsive rendezvous under uncertainty is investigated in this paper. A performance index related to the variances of the terminal state error is defined as the robustness performance index, which is determined by the linear covariance method. The three-objective of the total characteristic velocity, the rendezvous time of flight, and the robustness performance index optimization model based on the Clohessy-Wiltshire (C-W) system is proposed. The multi-objective nondominated sorting genetic algorithm is employed to obtain the Pareto solution set. The optimization results of one homing rendezvous mission are provided, demonstrating that tradeoffs between time of flight, propellant cost and trajectory robustness and several inherent principles of the rendezvous trajectory can be quickly obtained via the current approach.