Multi-objective Optimization of Heating Channels for Rapid Heating Cycle Injection Mold Using Pareto-based Genetic Algorithm


Rapid heating cycle molding (RHCM) technology is a novel polymer injection molding method developed in recent years. In this paper, the principle of RHCM technology was introduced and a RHCM mold for producing a large-size LCD TV panel was presented. Aiming at achieving a uniform temperature distribution on the cavity surface as well as making sure of the heating efficiency, the factors that influence temperature distribution and heating efficiency were analyzed. The center coordinates of the heating channels were considered as the main design variables. Multi-objective functions for optimizing the temperature distribution uniformity and heating efficiency were proposed. The layout of the heating channels for a 46-inch LCD TV panel RHCM mold was optimized by using the finite element method and Pareto-based genetic algorithm (GA). The temperature distribution uniformity on the stationary mold insert cavity surface was largely improved by using optimal design results and the heating efficiency was also guaranteed.