Exploration-exploitation Balancing Deployment Strategy in UAV Sensor Networks


Embedding wireless sensor nodes with sense and communication capability in the small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), an airborne perceptive network accordingly takes shape. In our project UAVs with the mission payload such as swarm style jammers are able to navigate in formation to form an invisible chaff cloud with the capability of implementing an efficacious electronic attack or counter measure in modern precision electronic warfare. Exploration-exploitation balancing is therefore a crucial deployment issue in this system. While keeping the maximum coverage, the vital target area should be actively concentrated as well. Based on the traditionally fast convergent particle swarm optimization algorithm, we introduced several interrelated criteria to achieve the balancing goal. Moreover, fuzzy integral theory is utilized as the multi-criteria decision making process to find an optimal solution. A function specific deployment problem is therefore resolved and the simulation witnesses the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism.