A software framework based on a conceptual unified model for evolutionary multiobjective optimization: ParadisEO-MOEO


This paper presents a general-purpose software framework dedicated to the design and the implementation of evolutionary multiobjective optimization techniques: ParadisEO-MOEO. A concise overview of evolutionary algorithms for multiobjective optimization is given. A substantial number of methods has been proposed so far, and an attempt of conceptually unifying existing approaches is presented here. Based on a fine-grained decomposition and following the main issues of fitness assignment, diversity preservation and elitism, a conceptual model is proposed and is validated by regarding a number of state-of-the-art algorithms as simple variants of the same structure. This model is then incorporated into the ParadisEO-MOEO software framework. This framework has proven its validity and high flexibility by enabling the resolution of many academic, real-world and hard multiobjective optimization problems.