Study and Realisation of a Declarative System for Modelling and Generation of Style with Genetic Algorithms. Application in Architectural Design


In this thesis we study the possibility to introduce the concept of style in declarative modelling in order to aid architectural design during the conceptual phase. In order to study such a hypothesis we have develop a methodology of architectural conceptual design utilising style. The method is based in the frame of declarative modelling, and evolutionary algorithms. In particular, we develop a framework for the modelling of architectural knowledge. We define a model of style based on the declarative conceptual cycle. Moreover we develop a new engine for the generation of solutions. This engine is based on multiobjective genetic algorithms. The result is a system prototype for Evolutionary Declarative Design-MultiCAD for the aid of conceptual architectural design. The resulted method could successfully quantify aesthetic qualitative criteria of a building. Our system points towards a computer aided aesthetic design tool.