A Multi-Objective GA Based Algorithm for 2D Form and Force Closure Grasp of Prismatic Objects


Given a 2D polygonal object with "n" points on its boundary at which fingertips can be placed, we use a stochastic multi-objective optimization algorithm to find the optimal form or force closure grasp points. The vertices of the object are given as input to the algorithm that first divides the object's perimeter into discrete points where fingertips can be placed. The optimal grasp points as non-dominated solutions in the Pareto optimal set are then found satisfying form or force closure. From this set a solution can be chosen by the user depending on the application. Geometrical quality measure of accessibility angle is used to ensure form closure; while the grasp span, force focus, etc. are used to get the best force closure points. An advantage of this method is the availability of multiple optimal grasp solutions that are better than earlier solutions obtained by the authors and by other researchers.