Benchmark Studies on Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch (ORPD) Based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Programming (MOEP) Using Mutation Based on Adaptive Mutation Operator (AMO) and Polynomial Mutation Operator (PMO)


Present days, Power System operates in a stressed condition due to reactive power shortage. Hence, this research involves development of an adaptive mutation algorithm based multi-objective for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch (ORPD) in a power system in order to minimize the total loss and the improved voltage stability simultaneously. The performance of a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Programming (MOEP) is significantly dependent on the parameter setting of the operator. These parameters tend to change the characteristic of adaptive in different stages of evolutionary process. The intention of this paper is to create adaptive controls for each parameter existing in MOEP where it is able to improve even more the performance of the evolutionary programming. Hence, in this paper, an adaptive mutation operator based multi-objective evolutionary programming is presented. A computer program was written in MATLAB. At the end, the result was compared with the Polynomial Mutation Operator.