Optimization of Mixed Casting Processes Considering Discrete Ingot Sizes


Using linear programming (LP), this research devises a simple and comprehensive scheduling methodology for a complicated, yet typical, production situation in real foundries: a combination of expendable-mold casting, permanent-mold casting and automated casting for large-quantity castings. This scheduling technique to determine all optimal casting sequence is Successfully applied to the most general case, in which various types of castings with different alloys and masses are Simultaneously produced by dissimilar casting processes within a predetermined period. The methodology proves to generate accurate scheduling results that maximize furnace or ingot efficiency. For multivariable and multi-constraint optimization problems per se, it provides an extremely practical Solution which is readily implemented in most real-world casting plants. In addition, incorporating ingot adjustment from the reality of discrete ingot size, this LP scheduling can assist the casting industry in strengthening its competence by heightening ingot utilization as well as satisfying due dates.