Swarm Intelligence-based Sensor Network Deployment Strategy


The wireless sensor network is a decentralized and self-organized system. Each sensor node in the sensor network should be intelligent enough to carry out its task of monitoring the environment. There would be numerous ways for deploying the sensor nodes in the environment. In this paper, swarm intelligence-based sensor network deployment strategy is proposed. To make a reference point for each sensor node, fuzzy integral is utilized as a multi-criteria decision making process. Three criteria, such as sensor value, crowdedness and confidence, are used for partial evaluation and the degree of consideration for each criterion is represented by fuzzy measure. Global evaluation by fuzzy integral determines the best position for each sensor node independently. To show the effectiveness of the proposed strategy, it is compared with the SPSO07-based deployment strategy through computer simulations in a simulation environment. The results show that the proposed strategy covers much wider area with sensor nodes than the SPSO07-based one.