An AIS-based hybrid algorithm with PDRs for multi-objective dynamic online job shop scheduling problem


The dynamic online job shop scheduling problem (JSSP) is formulated based on the classical combinatorial optimization problem - JSSP with the assumption that new jobs continuously arrive at the job shop in a stochastic manner with the existence of unpredictable disturbances during the scheduling process. This problem is hard to solve due to its inherent uncertainty and complexity. This paper models this class of problem as a multi-objective problem and solves it by hybridizing the artificial intelligence method of artificial immune systems (AIS) and priority dispatching rules (PDRs). The immune network theory of AIS is applied to establish the idiotypic network model for priority dispatching rules to dynamically control the dispatching rule selection process for each operation under the dynamic environment. Based on the defined job shop situations, the dispatching rules that perform best under specific environment conditions are selected as antibodies, which are the key elements to construct the idiotypic network. Experiments are designed to demonstrate the efficiency and competitiveness of this model.