Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms Based on the Summation of Normalized Objectives and Diversified Selection


Most multi-objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) use the concept of dominance in the search process to select the top solutions as parents in an elitist manner. However, as MOEAs are probabilistic search methods, some useful information may be wasted, if the dominated solutions are completely disregarded. In addition, the diversity may be lost during the early stages of the search process leading to a locally optimal or partial Pareto-front. Beside this, the non-domination sorting process is complex and time consuming. To overcome these problems, this paper proposes multi-objective evolutionary algorithms based on Summation of normalized objective values and diversified selection (SNOV-DS). The performance of this algorithm is tested on a set of benchmark problems using both multi-objective evolutionary programming (MOEP) and multi-objective differential evolution (MODE). With the proposed method, the performance metric has improved significantly and the speed of the parent selection process has also increased when compared with the non-domination sorting. In addition, the proposed algorithm also outperforms ten other algorithms.