An interactive fuzzy satisficing method for multiobjective nonconvex programming problems through floating point genetic algorithms


In this paper, we focus on multiobjective nonconvex nonlinear programming problems and present an interactive fuzzy satisficing method through floating point genetic algorithms. After determining the fuzzy goals of the decision maker, if the decision maker specifies the reference membership values, the corresponding Pareto optimal solution can be obtained by solving the augmented minimax problems for which the floating point genetic algorithm, called GENOCOP III, is applicable. In order to overcome the drawbacks of GENOCOP III, we propose the revised GENOCOP III by introducing a method for generating an initial feasible point and a bisection method for generating a new feasible point efficiently. Then an interactive fuzzy satisficing method for deriving a satisficing solution for the decision maker efficiently from a Pareto optimal solution set is presented together with an illustrative numerical example.