New Analysis of the Optimization of Electromagnetic Shielding Properties Using Conducting Polymers and a Multi-objective Approach


Recently, an approach was proposed to optimize multi-layer shields of polyaniline-polyurethane (PAni/PU) conducting composites in the microwave band. Though by this method shields for different applications can be obtained which are light-weight and offer a low percolation threshold, the full potential of the design process could not be tapped since the underlying optimization problem includes only one objective. In this work we go one step beyond and re-formulate the design problem as a multi-objective optimization problem (MOP). To be more precise, we involve simultaneously the shielding efficiency as well as the weight and the cost of the material-i.e. all the requirements for modem shielding materials-within the optimization process. After having stated the model we present two possible ways to approximate the solution set-the so-called Pareto set-and address the related and important decision-making problem. All steps are demonstrated on a particular three-layered composite in order to show the applicability of the novel approach.