Aircraft Roll Enhancement via Multi-Objective Optimization Using Surrogate Modeling


This research is concerned with the design of adaptive structures for achieving global multishape morphing aerodynamic configurations by using thin-walled structures. The proposed methodologies pursue two threads toward global optimization of morphing structures, by providing means of aerodynamic enhancement using efficient structural shape optimization. A heuristic approach is proposed in this work that enables morphing through a range of stable cambered airfoils to achieve aerodynamic properties for different maneuvers, with the benefit of low-powered actuation control. This allows large changes in shape by exploiting a range of incremental nonlinear structural solutions while keeping prescribed flow improvements. Such a heuristic argument provides the basis for global shape control of three-dimensional wings and is applied to aerodynamic design to provide enhanced roll control. A hierarchical strategy is employed herein, interleaving parameterization enhancement followed by structural optimization into the aerodynamic design process, such that the design paradigm, in conjunction with global approximation techniques, is emphasized by enhanced roll while drag is minimized. This figure of merit is complemented by structural metrics and constraints to maintain product integrity.