Multiobjective Parameter Estimation Problems of Fermentation Processes Using a High Ethanol Tolerance Yeast


A multiobjective optimization approach is applied to estimate the kinetic model parameters of batch and fed-batch fermentation processes For ethanol production using Saccharomyces diastaticus (LORRE 316), which is a high ethanol tolerance yeast. Both batch and fed-batch experimental observations are simultaneously employed to formulate the parameter estimation problem. Consequently, the estimation problem becomes a multiobjective optimization problem. The hybrid differential evolution is introduced to solve the multiobjective parameter estimation problem to obtain a global Pareto solution. Optimality test is inferred in this study to guarantee to obtain the unique solution. Various experimental data obtained from a fermenter with the working volume of 5 L are used to evaluate the proposed method. The validated kinetic model could fit for both batch and fed-batch fermentation processes as observed from the experimental results.