A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Product Plan Selection Problem with ASP and ALB


Facing current environment full of a variety of small quantity customized requests, enterprises must provide diversified products for speedy and effective responses to customers' requests. Among multiple plans of product, both assembly sequence planning (ASP) and assembly line balance (ALB) must be taken into consideration for the selection of optimal product plan because assembly sequence and assembly line balance have significant impact on production efficiency. Considering different setup times among different assembly tasks, this issue is an NP-hard problem which cannot be easily solved by general method. In this study the multi-objective optimization mathematical model for the selection of product plan integrating ASP and ALB has been established. Introduced cases will be solved by the established model connecting to database statistics. The results show that the proposed Guided-modified weighted Pareto-based multi-objective genetic algorithm (G-WPMOGA) can effectively solve this difficult problem. The results of comparison among three different kinds of hybrid algorithms show that in terms of the issues of ASP and ALB for multiple plans, G-WPMOGA shows better problem-solving capability for four-objective optimization.