Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanisms Using Pairs of Curves


The structural topology optimization approach can be used to generate compliant mechanisms for some desired input-output requirements. The success of the optimization depends on the structural geometry representation scheme used. In this paper, a novel representation scheme is proposed. The representation scheme is characterized by pairs of curves that are used to connect Input/Ouput (I/O) regions of the structure. Each pair of curves includes a normal curve and a fat curve. The areas bounded by the pair of curves define the material distribution between them. All I/O regions are connected to one another (either directly or indirectly) by pairs of curves in order to form one single connected load-bearing structure. A genetic algorithm for constrained and multiobjective optimization is then applied with the representation scheme of the structure in the form of a graph. Simulation results from a displacement inverter and a displacement redirector indicate that the presented representation scheme is appropriate.