Integrated Rescheduling and Preventive Maintenance for Arrival of New Jobs Through Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization


In this paper, we study a rescheduling problem in response to arrival of new jobs in single machine layout, where preventive maintenance should be determined. Preventive maintenance together with controllable processing time could alleviate the inherent deteriorating effect in manufacturing system. Processing sequence of original and new jobs, compression of each job, and position of maintenance should be optimized simultaneously with regards to total operational cost (job's total completion times, maintenance cost and compression cost) and total completion time deviation. An improved elitist non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II) has been proposed to solve the rescheduling problem. To address the key problem of balancing between exploration and exploitation, we hybridize differential evolution mutation operation with NSGA-II to enhance diversity, constitute high-quality initial solution based on assignment model for exploitation, and incorporate analytic property of non-dominated solutions for exploration. Finally computational study is designed by randomly generating various instances with regards to the problem size from given distributions. By use of existing performance indicators for convergence and diversity of Pareto fronts, we illustrate the effectiveness of the hybrid algorithm and the incorporation of domain knowledge into evolutionary optimization in rescheduling.