Multi-objective Parameters Selection for SVM Classification Using NSGA-II


Selecting proper parameters is an important issue to extend the classification ability of Support Vector Machine (SVM), which makes SVM practically useful. Genetic Algorithm (CA) has been widely applied to solve the problem of parameters selection for SVM classification due to its ability to discover good solutions quickly for complex searching and optimization problems. However, traditional CA in this field relys on single generalization error bound as fitness function to select parameters. Since there have several generalization error bounds been developed, picking and using single criterion as fitness function seems intractable and insufficient. Motivated by the multi-objective optimization problems, this paper introduces an efficient method of parameters selection for SVM classification based on multi-objective evolutionary algorithm NSCA-II. We also introduce an adaptive mutation rate for NSGA-II. Experiment results show that our method is better than single-objective approaches, especially in the case of tiny training sets with large testing sets.