Multi-objective Decision Making Model Under Fuzzy Random Environment and its Application to Inventory Problems


In this paper, we concentrate on developing a fuzzy random multi-objective model about inventory problems. By giving some definitions and discussing some properties of fuzzy random variable, we design a method of solving solution sets of fuzzy random multi-objective programming problems. These are applied to numerical inventory problems in which all inventory costs, purchasing and selling prices in the objectives and constraints are assumed to be fuzzy random variables in nature, and then the impreciseness of fuzzy random variables in the above objectives and constraints are transformed into fuzzy variables which are similar trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. The exact parameters of fuzzy membership function and probability density function can be obtained through fuzzy random simulating the past dates. By comparing the results with those from the fuzzy multi-objective models, we believe that the proposed fuzzy random multi-objective model and hybrid intelligent algorithm provide significant solutions to construct other inventory models with fuzzy random variables in real life.