Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) for Feature Selection


Feature selection (FS) is an important data preprocessing technique, which has two goals of minimising the classification error and minimising the number of features selected. Based on particle swarm optimisation (PSO), this paper proposes two multi-objective algorithms for selecting the Pareto front of non-dominated solutions (feature subsets) for classification. The first algorithm introduces the idea of non-dominated sorting based multi-objective genetic algorithm II into PSO for FS. In the second algorithm, multi-objective PSO uses the ideas of crowding, mutation and dominance to search for the Pareto front solutions. The two algorithms are compared with two single objective FS methods and a conventional FS method on nine datasets. Experimental results show that both proposed algorithms can automatically evolve a smaller number of features and achieve better classification performance than using all features and feature subsets obtained from the two single objective methods and the conventional method. Both the continuous and the binary versions of PSO are investigated in the two proposed algorithms and the results show that continuous version generally achieves better performance than the binary version. The second new algorithm outperforms the first algorithm in both continuous and binary versions.